Supply chain of milk packaging material allowed: MHA

In a letter to the Chief Secretaries of States on 29 March 2020, Ajay Bhalla, Union Home Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), has clarified that the supply chain of milk and its packaging materials has been exempted from the ongoing lockdown.

30 Mar 2020 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

The addendum will be a boost to the Indian packaging sector’s effort to cope against the pandemic. This is in tandem to its previous order, in which, MHA issued that the package manufacturing units of pesticides, fertilisers, and seeds were exempted from the lockdown.

In addition, the Union Home Secretary announced that the transportation of all goods, essential and non-essential has also been allowed.

Hygiene products, such as hand wash, soaps, disinfectants, oral care items, surface cleaners, tissue papers and toothpaste, battery cells and charger will be included under groceries. This would ensure clarity for the entities associated with the FMCG segment.

Furthermore, newspaper delivery supply chain has also been allowed under print media.