Spinn Decor invests in Canon Colorado

Mumbai-based Spinn Decor has invested in the latest Canon Colorado M5W printer. The machine was supplied and installed by Arrow Digital.

23 Feb 2024 | By Charmiane Alexander

The Canon Colorado at Spinn Decor

Sam Patel, MD and CEO of Arrow Digital, said, “The Canon Colorado M-series is poised to revolutionise large-format graphics and wallpaper printing. The fully modular UVgel roll-to-roll printer offers a high level of adaptability, allowing customisation to meet specific business needs at Spinn Decor. What sets it apart from other technologies is its unique features, including mixed gloss/matte printing and white ink capabilities in one go.” 

“Absolutely,” added Shekhawat of Spinn Decor. “This printer's premium application range is unbelievable, allowing us to explore various media, including matte, gloss, structured, transparent, coloured, and reflective materials.”

He added, “The environmentally conscious features of the Canon Colorado M-series were also underscored. We also noticed the low-heat, energy-efficient LED curing system that reduces environmental impact, which has become a customer's first choice in recent times. Spinn Decor can now print on eco-friendly materials and use up to 40% less ink, aligning with sustainable practices in interior decor printing. Dimensional stability, jaw-dropping colour consistency, and odorless prints bursting with rich colours and sharp details all in one.”

While talking about the white ink, Patel added, “Its UVgel technology not only stands out for its efficiency and reduced operating costs but also enables Spinn Decor to craft premium wall applications and murals with high-opacity white ink without the need for extensive maintenance, contributing to lower ink and energy usage.”

Shekhawat said, “We too are quite stunned by the hassle-free white ink feature, which operates up to three times faster than comparable technologies, enabling intricate designs and high-opacity white prints with ease. The fully modular printer will allow Spinn Decor the flexibility to introduce white ink or boost print speed during peak periods with minimal disruption along with the groundbreaking matte and gloss finish all in one go.”