Spectrum’s Amit Shah: “Create complex solutions for better earnings”

Amit Shah of Mumbai-based Spectrum Scan presented on how value addition, innovation, and new concepts will be the way forward for the Indian print industry.

17 Jan 2018 | By Priya Raju

“Today we must focus on the 600-million middle class buyers who have high aspirations and demand better quality products. One must also keep in mind that the genetic imprint of an Indian buyer is to look for high quality at lowest possible cost. Low cost, durability and vibrant colours are what an average Indian buyer demands.”

To support the argument, Shah cited CavinKare’s Chik shampoo’s example, which was the first product to be introduced in a sachet format thereby making a premium product like shampoo affordable and thus was able to penetrate to the masses.

Shah said, print has become a commodity due to lack of value addition.

“Unique and out-of-the-box thinking and proactive approach towards finding a solution for your client is the way forward. We must aspire to become client’s partner rather than just a supplier,” added Shah.

Shah asked have you ever done any research, market visit or development for your client proactively?

Quoting Steve Jobs, Shah, said, create needs, don’t go for need-based supply.

“Any extra efforts made to add value to a job without your client expecting it will enhance your position as a solution provider. This may not generate success every time, but you will definitely gain learnings to make a job more complex, which will directly boost your profitability,” said Shah.

Shah’s mantra: Amalgamation of different processes – augmented reality, LED, EL, offset, screen, digital. “Create complex solutions for better earnings.”

“The doom and gloom is a state of mind. Print industry has a bright future. Open your eyes. Create, innovate and motivate yourself and your team.”