Sodhisons announces three case-maker installations in November

Kundli, Haryana-based Sodhisons Mechanical Works have completed installation of three case-makers from Zhengarun in the last month.

04 Dec 2017 | By Sriraam Selvam

Speaking about the installations, Rakesh Sodhi of Sodhisons said, “These are automatics case-makers that adopts automatic paper feeding system and automatic cardboard positioning device and are used to make perfect book covers, notebook covers, calendars, hanging calendars, files, etc.”

Out of the three, two of the case-makers are installed at Funskool in Goa where the company has also installed a board cutter and a spine cutter.

“The machine can handle maximum paper size of 570×1030mm and has a production capacity of 25 covers per minute. It also uses a fairly simple bac-push feeder system,” said Sodhi.

The other case maker, a board cutter and a rigid box machine were installed at Noida’s Frank Education.

“The customers are very satisfied with the performance of the machine so far. Overall our offerings from Zhengarun have been received well in the market,” concluded Sodhi.