SIG brings next generation family-sized aseptic carton

SIG has introduced its next generation family-size packaging – Combivita – to provide more convenience and differentiation.

12 Nov 2021 | By Aultrin Vijay

Combivita will be available in three volume sizes (500, 750 and 1,000 ml)

Switzerland-headquartered aseptic carton packaging specialist SIG is launching its new family-size aseptic carton pack, Combivita, providing the next level of convenience and differentiation. Optimally tailored to busy consumers and the changing needs of the beverage industry, Combivita offers on-shelf differentiation and flexibility in the filing process.

SIG’s Combivita has been developed based on extensive consumer-centric research and provides a competitive edge to beverage manufacturers. Available in three volume sizes (500, 750 and 1,000 ml), Combivita has a slanted top and wider opening to ensure smooth and easy pouring with SIG’s new tethered, easy open and resealable closure, truTwist, which is 32.5mm in its external diameter. Combivita’s organic curve on the back not only adds to its elegance, but also makes it easier for consumers of all ages to handle.

For beverage manufacturers, the side corner panels of Combivita provide additional on-pack branding opportunities, to help achieve an outstanding shelf presence. The robust pack enables 100% pallet utilisation and reduces secondary packaging and logistics costs, compared to existing carton formats.

Ali Kaylan, SVP innovation at SIG said, “The pandemic has fuelled a paradigm shift in consumer habits, including working from home and buying products in advance. As a result, the demand for convenient family-size products and packaging formats has grown exponentially. Our new Combivita carton pack makes life more simple, convenient, flexible and sustainable for both consumers and our customers.”

The family-size carton packs are the first to be filled on SIG’s next generation filling machine, SIG NEO – a technical masterpiece that’s packaged with technical innovations for manufacturers to meet present and future challenges.

Vandana Tandan, country manager at SIG India said, “This next-generation SIG NEO filling machine combines SIG’s unique proposition of flexibility with even higher speed, while minimizing environmental impact. We look forward to introducing it in the Indian market.”

Combivita has a slanted top and wider opening to ensure smooth and easy pouring 

As the focus on sustainability continues to gain importance, the Combivita carton pack has an excellent environmental footprint, with 100% of the paperboard sourced from FSC-certified forests, using 100% renewable energy during the manufacturing process.

In addition, there is also the opportunity for Combivita carton packs to be combined with SIG’s Signature packaging material, where the polymers are also linked to forest-based materials. For products sensitive to light and oxygen, an ultra-thin layer of ASI-certified aluminium provides world-class barrier qualities.

Morshed Kamal, senior product manager at SIG said, “With true innovations such as Combivita and our next generation SIG NEO filling machine, we are optimally equipping the food and beverage industry for today’s requirements while also preparing them for the changes, challenges and opportunities ahead.”

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