Siegwerk’s webinar today on mineral oil-free, a need of the hour

In a few hours from now, PrintWeek-Siegwerk will be hosting a webinar at 3pm, to discuss why it is important to understand the harmful effects that conventional printing inks, adhesive and polymer-based packaging materials have harmful effects on ecological aspects as well as human well-being.

27 Oct 2021 | By Sriraam Selvam

To register for the PrintWeek-Siegwerk webinar: click here.

During the webinar, Evert Delbanco, director food safety and toxicology at Siegwerk and Jatin Takkar, Siegwerk’s head for product safety and regulatory will discuss six important topics – packaging inks and consumer safety links; toxicological profile of mineral oils; mineral oil migration and action of regulators and brand owners to curb the same; concept of food grade inks/migration optimised inks; Siegwerk contribution for ensuring safe packaging; and changing regulations in India.

According to Takkar, packaging inks is an integral part of every packaging structure . “The packaging inks can often have harmful chemicals, which if migrate can reach to the food/drug you consume, thereby impacting consumer safety in different manner. In a nutshell, a packaging material whose primary function is to protect the food and human health, can actually harm the consumer if didn’t given due attention while formulating the food grade packaging material.”

As a market leader, Takkar said, his company has an uncompromising commitment towards packaging safety. “Siegwerk as a responsible player does everything that it takes to ensure consumer safety. Siegwerk was the only company which banned Toluene in 2017 itself despite the fact there was no regulatory ban on the solvent in 2017 unlike today. This clearly shows that Siegwerk is committed to consumer safety, even when no one is looking. And following the same intent of keeping consumer safety as priority, now we are committing ourself to mineral oil-free inks.”

Migration optimised inks besides being safe inks also guarantee the best standards. And today it's the best standards that will preserve the value of human safety, health and lives. To understand more on mineral oil-free inks and more, click here to register for the webinar.

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