Siegwerk plant resumes operations following fire incident

Siegwerk has announced the successful reopening of manufacturing operations at its Bhiwadi plant following a recent fire incident. The company has reported no casualties or injuries resulting from the fire.

29 Apr 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

The company has reported no casualties or injuries resulting from the fire

The fire, which occurred on 10 April, prompted a swift and coordinated response from the Siegwerk ERT, the local fire brigade, and the neighbouring industries. Their remarkable collaboration enabled the timely containment of the fire, preventing significant damage to large parts of the plant.

With the unwavering commitment and expertise of all stakeholders, Siegwerk has been able to quickly get operations back on track in the unaffected areas of the plant and has restarted production.

This is a significant milestone for Siegwerk to be able to manage customer requirements, both domestically and for its export business. Siegwerk has also forged additional production capacities, in partnership with industry collaborators. This proactive measure enhances the company’s ability to meet burgeoning customer demand with agility and reliability.

Ashish Pradhan, president, Siegwerk Asia, said, “We are immensely grateful for the overwhelming support we have received from various stakeholders following the fire incident. Our resilience has been on full display in the past few days as we have tirelessly worked to ensure business continuity for all our customers, despite the challenges at our end. Our commitment to delivering safe products and exceptional services remains steadfast and we are more determined than ever to uphold the trust our customers have placed in us.”

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