ShriMaa expands with W&H

Kolkata-based ShriMaa Group recently installed its second Convertex CL 140 from W&H.

18 Aug 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Team ShriMaa Group with team W&H

A leader in manufacturing block-bottom bags, ShriMaa has continuously chosen W&H as a partner in its expansion. Sajjan Bansal, chairman ShriMaa Group, said the company is satisfied with the performance of the new machine. 

Bansal added, “We have successfully pursued an expansion strategy, both in terms of developing innovative solutions and diversifying our client base across several countries and industries. We have always strived to be ahead of the curve by anticipating the market’s needs and will continue to do so by working closely with clients as well as technology partners.”

The company has all of the Convertex models for making block-bottom bags starting with 80-bags/min, 100-bags/min, 120-bags/min and the latest Convertex CL 140. 

Nitesh Sharma, director, ShriMaa Group, said, “We see W&H as our lifelong partner. W&H has been very supportive and has helped us in new product development. The Nanotex Cyclo Perforation part is the best innovation in recent times. It has definitely added value to the machine. Recently, we have installed one coating and our second 140-bags/min converting line from W&H and both the machines are fantastic. We are able to take full capacity production with good quality bags.”