Shree Krishna Graphics buys Cron

Noida-based Shree Krishna Graphics recently invested in a Cron UVP-46646I commercial and newspaper CTCP system. The machine was supplied and installed by Monotech Systems.

08 Mar 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Anupam Gupta with the Cron UVP-46646I

Anupam Gupta, director of Shree Krishna Graphics, said, “Our company, under the name of Krishna Sales, dates back to 2010 when we emerged as a colour matching centre as well as dealer of plates and consumables for prominent brands like TechNova, DIC, Toyo, OC, etc in Ghaziabad. Then in 2017, we opened Crystal Graphics as a service bureau in Ghaziabad where we installed our first Amsky CTCP system.  

He added, “In 2021, we came to know about demands for CTCP plates surging in Delhi-NCR, but there was a stark shortage of plates. This was the key reason why we came into the scene as rescuers with the installation of an Amsky thermal CTP system at Crystal Graphics. After that, all went well around Ghaziabad, but we were struggling very hard to serve Noida to the fullest satisfaction of our customers. That’s why we eventually opened Shree Krishna Graphics in Noida Sector 10 in August 2022 with a staff of 20 people, a thermal CTP system from TechNova, and a Cron CTCP system from Monotech Systems.”

This journey also highlights how Gupta became an entrepreneur, leaving behind a handful of highly-paid salaried jobs in different sectors. A printing technologist by profession, he used to work as a production head at The Indian Express. Later, he joined the Ministry of Social Justice as a gazetted officer, which didn’t last long because of his printing industry-centric mindset. So, he joined the production division of The Times of India (Sahibabad), then as a north India head of CMS Info Systems (Mumbai). All went side by side from 2010, when he established Krishna Sales, till 2013 when he quit his job and devoted full-time to the business. 

The Cron CTCP system is a game-changer for Shree Krishna Graphics. Gupta said, “After our successful stint in Ghaziabad, we were in pursuit of a machine that would be a perfect match for the Noida market where prospects of CTCP plates increased and demands kept surging. We found Cron as the right machine when we embarked upon it at Monotech Systems.”

He added, “Even before we brought home the Cron, I got to know tremendous positive feedback about the system from our customers in the market. It has been just a few months since we installed it at Shree Krishna Graphics, a torrent of good comments pour in from our customers that include bureau houses, newspapers, publishers, packaging & commercial printers, jobbers, etc.” 

On choosing Cron, Gupta said, “Technically, Cron has tremendous advantages over other machines in its class. Its cleaning is so easy, even not required frequently. Unlike other conventional systems, Cron is free from issues related to drum cleaning and its dot generation is quite better than other systems.”

Cron is perfect for service bureaus like Shree Krishna Graphics where accuracy and speed count. The CRON UVP-46646I is capable of producing 28 plates per hour (28x40-inch), supporting plate sizes up to 1160-mm. Some key features of the system include dot imaging, accurate dot reproduction with minimum error rate, and 64-channel capacity.