Sheth Publishers invests in Konica Minolta

Mumbai-based Sheth Publishers recently invested in a Konica Minolta AccurioPress 6136P. The machine was supplied and installed by TechNova Imaging Systems.

08 Nov 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) Satish Pathak, supervisor and Abdul Fahyum Bhadri, CTP and digital operator at Sheth Publishers

According to Sheth Publishers, the company opted for the machine because it is economical and offers quality.

According to Deepak Sheth of Sheth Publishers, the company chose the machine because it can handle the workload effectively and efficiently. “It is one of the latest technologies available in the market. The monochrome machine can print up to 136-ppm, whereas other machines are restricted to 120-ppm,” he said. 

He added, “The 6136P is the best investment option for greater outcomes. It is a stable and efficient machine.” 

Currently, the company has three digital devices on its shopfloor, all supplied by TechNova — Konica Minolta 1060; Konica Minolta 6120; and Konica Minolta 6136P.

Sheth said the new machine will help the company meet its timely commitments. “The machine can handle our workload during the peak season. It will increase our turnover by increasing supplies, and fulfilling all the work requirements,” he added.

The company is also associated with TechNova for its CTP and plate requirements.

An educational publisher of reputation, since 1972, Sheth Publishers has been publishing textbooks for junior college, undergraduate and post-graduate students for universities in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa.

Sheth said after the Covid-19 pandemic, the market is getting back on track. “There is a growth in the order of small quantities like 200 or 300 copies. Earlier we used to get orders of 5,000 to 10,000 copies, or more. But it has now vanished. The market is growing slowly and gradually.”

Sheth Publishers specialises in undergraduate and postgraduate textbooks. 

Sheth said, “After NEP (New Education Policy) colleges have become autonomous. Autonomous colleges have their syllabi, patterns, and calendars. Now, every book is different and has a maximum requirement of 400 copies.” 

He added, “Now we cannot print for three years and stock for two years. So, we have decided to work on the policy of print on demand.”

Sheth said the company is planning to add some more new machines next year.

“In the next year, we are expecting that some more colleges will be added to our client’s list. So, we will take a decision, depending on the scenario,” he said.

Sheth also hopes to look at some new machines and technology at Pamex 2024.