Seven print firm owners celebrate Printer's Day with a selfie

To celebrate the occasion of Printer’s Day on 24 February 2018, Printing Times asked its readers and owner of print firms to send a selfie with a print product which has been designed or printed or processed by them and for which they are very proud of.

28 Feb 2018 | By Priya Raju

The campaign garnered seven responses from print firm owners across India. Here is the glimpse of the seven responses
Shailendra Pople, president, Dombivli Shahar Mudrak Sangh, Thane
sammelan (event) which was held for the first time in Dombivli in 138 years saw the release of the magazine printed by us. We are proud of it for two reasons; firstly the quality of the magazine was appreciated by all and, released at the hands of Devendra Fadnavis the chief minister of Maharashtra state. Secondly, the profit of more than three lakhs earned from the printing of the material was given to Dombivli Shahar Mudrak Sangh for development purpose.
Meeta Shah, owner, A&M Enterprise, Ahmedabad  
We at A&M Enterprise take pride in our craft of designing, different applications, post-press process. The awards are proof of our capabilities and dedication. We believe that if you do your job well with confidence, passion, commitment and sincerity you get recognition from clients and printing industry. We see this as a validation of our commitment to always moving in the right direction. But the real winners are our staff - be it in the office, on the press, in the bindery or making deliveries. Everyone’s contribution makes A & M Enterprise what it is today.
Satish Raina, Raina  Art Printers
This book depicting Kashmiri culture and tradition has been appreciated by our customers and we are proud of it. The book was printed on a mini offset press and has been side stitched and pasted.
Abhijit Sarkar, Zenith Offset, Kolkata
I am proud to showcase the evolution of printing in Bengal through this calendar which pays homage to six luminaries who have contributed towards the print in the state.
RK Abrol, DTP People, Jammu 
We are proud of the 15.5x10.5-inch menu printed by us for Falak (Hotel KC Residency) in Jammu. The client wanted a jumbo-size menu resembling the Mughals. The menu garnered a lot of appreciation from the customer.
VR Rajesh Kanna, president, Vellore District Printers Association, Vellore
According to Kanna, “I am proud of my product because it shows the world who I am and makes my life the best in the world." 
The Pravah book
The book has been designed, printed and processed by us. It was presented to the architects at a state level conference as a souvenir of architecture association of Maharashtra. An international delegate, Sudhir Jambhekar from the USA said, “This is the best-printed souvenir, which I have seen since last few years.”
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