Seminar on standardisation on 17 March

A day-long seminar on the relevance of standardisation in the printing industry is being held at Manak Bhavan, New Delhi on 17 March 2023. The seminar is organised by the Management and Systems Development Council (MSD), Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution.

13 Mar 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Printing standards are aimed at producing consistent and predictable quality prints, no matter which print technology is used. In India, which tops in terms of the highest number of printing presses worldwide, most printing establishments do not follow the print standards developed either by BIS and ISO/TC 130, because of the lack of awareness and low level of understanding of these standards.

Keeping the above point in mind, it was felt that various stakeholders, such as prominent printing units, private and government, academia, and allied industries, need to be bought together under one roof to discuss the role, importance and relevance of print standardisation, to help update the existing knowledge base in this area. After attending the seminar, delegates should return to their workplace with a basic understanding of why print standards are necessary in order to produce consistent quality prints, for profitability and for the overall growth of their printing presses.

BIS is the national standard body of India established under the BIS Act 2016 for the harmonious development of the activities of standardisation, marking and quality certification of goods and for matters, connected therewith or incidental thereto. Printing standards come under the purview of the Publication and Graphic Technology Sectional Committee (MSD 6) under the Management and Systems Department (MSD) council, whose scope is, “standardisation of practices relating to book production, illustrations, finishing, style manuals, graphic technology and any other aspects relevant to publication of documents and graphic technology”. This sectional committee is responsible for taking care of indigenously developed 15 Indian Standards (IS) and around 115 ISO standards, for Indian printers. 

During the 14th sectional committee meeting, which was held at Manak Bhavan (through blended mode) on 8 February, it was decided unanimously to organise a seminar, especially for the northern region, to start with, so that awareness among the various stakeholders can be initiated. 

Upon the success of this programme, a series of such seminars can be planned for the parts of the country to benefit the printers all over the country. This particular committee is in the process of developing new standards in this area in coming days along with the adoption of different ISO standards with detailed analysis relating to the needs and requirements of Indian printers. 

There is no registration fee for attending the seminar. 

The seminar is divided into inaugural, technical, and question-and-answer sessions. 

Rajeev Sharma, scientist-F & DDG, BIS, will deliver the inaugural address, welcome address and introduction and objectives of the seminar will be given by AS Bhatnagar, scientist-F & Head (MSD), BIS, and Prof Dr Anjan Kumar Baral, chairman, MSD 6, will be present keynote address on, in print, we trust.

Six esteemed speakers in this field, including one expert from BIS, are going to share their knowledge, expertise and views on a wide range of topics, relating to the theme of the programme, during the technical session of the seminar. 

Ashish V Urewar, Scientist- C (MSD), BIS, will share an overview of BIS, focusing on the history, functions, importance, facilities and services provided by BIS to Indian printers. 

Prashant Atre, managing director, Toyo Arets, will share the presentation on the importance of print in a disruptive digital world, with a special emphasis on the current status of the printing industry and how the printing industry is feeling the force of the digital age.

Naresh Khanna, editor, Indian Printer and Publisher Packaging, South Asia, IppStar, will speak on the experience and research on why Indian printers resist colour standards. 

Kiran Prayagi, consultant & educationist, will focus on quality and productivity through standardisation. One of the issues which bother most Indian printers is the optimisation of productivity.

Ishant Kalkal, head, customer support, RSG Solutions, will speak on colour management and calibration of offset machines, focusing on the various steps involved in it along with the potential benefits of calibrating an offset machine for higher press output. 

Mukt Nath Pandey, director, Avantika Printers, will share his experience and thoughts on print export opportunities ahead for Indian printers focusing on the export aspects of printing with a special emphasis on the current scenario of print export.

Prof Dr Anjan Kumar Baral, chairman, MSD 6, will moderate the technical session of the seminar. More than 70 delegates have confirmed their registration to attend the seminar.

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