Sandeep Printers invests in Ricoh

Gurugram-based Sandeep Printers has recently installed a Ricoh Pro C7200x, which is capable of printing CMYK with special colours like white, neon pink, and neon yellow. The machine was supplied and installed by Minosha India.

05 Dec 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) Sarthak Batra, managing director of Sandeep Printers and Deepak Kumar, sales manager, North, Minosha India

According to Sarthak Batra, managing director of Sandeep Printers, the primary reason for investing in the Ricoh kit was the exclusive five-colour option offered at this price point, a feature not provided by any other brand.

“It proved to be a win-win situation as our specific requirements couldn't be met by other competitors. The machine's flexibility was a game-changer, allowing us to print on various materials seamlessly. Minosha’s training programme further solidified our decision; the comprehensive two to three days of training, facilitated by an expert from Bengaluru, covered file setup, machine commands, and efficient file preparation. This thorough training significantly contributed to our successful integration of the Ricoh machine into our operations,” he explained.

Sandeep Printers has a facility spanning 300-square yards. The setup is equipped with the Ricoh Pro C-7200x and other pre-and post-print equipment.

In the business for the last 33 years, currently, the company has two units, namely Sandeep Printers and Divine Prints, specialising in digital and offset printing.

The business was initiated by Batra’s father, and in the last two years, he has taken on a more active role in leading the company.

“Our vision is to build a world-class organisation that delivers value far beyond the quality products we create,” he said.

Catering to export houses, the company specialise in producing tags and labels.

“Additionally, we excel in sticker printing, catering to diverse needs such as sports nutrition labels and vinyl stickers for medical companies,” he added.

Batra said with the evolving market demands in the print sector, the need for printing on brown craft paper tags has emerged. “Previously, screen printing proved time-consuming. Embracing digital printing, specifically the digital receipt, has significantly streamlined the process. This transition has not only saved time but also yielded cost advantages. Moreover, the demand for transparent stickers with unique designs was met efficiently, overcoming the limitations of screen printing. Thus, opting for digital printing has provided us with a distinct advantage in meeting these diverse requirements,” he explained.

About the new investment he added, “Unlike other players still focusing on four-colour printing, Ricoh's machines are ahead with its forward-thinking approach, offering the advantage of five-colour printing. This strategic choice positions us at the forefront of the industry's evolving needs.”

The machine offers 85 pages per minute speed, with 52- to 360-gsm auto-duplex facility. The machine's stable base, unique to Ricoh, sets it apart from other brands and contributes to enhanced efficiency. Additionally, the flexibility in media handling has been a game-changer.

Batra said the company anticipates growth of 40% to 50% with the installation of this machine, facilitating entry into a new market due to its ability to handle special colours. This expansion includes diverse jobs like offset, white-colour, florescent colour and other jobs.

“The goal is to achieve this significant jump, driven by the expectation of covering the machine's cost within two years, ensuring a favourable return on investment. The contribution of effective brochures, providing visibility and attracting valuable clients, is recognised as a crucial factor in accomplishing this growth objective,” he said.