Sai Com Codes confirms three Nilpeter buy

Haryana-based Sai Com Codes has confirmed signing a deal for three Nilpeter FB 350, two ten-colour and one eight-colour 13-inch UV press complete with cold foil, automated plate position system, pre-register and re-register functionality, chill drums, job recall, among other automation.

28 Sep 2017 | By Noel D'Cunha

The company already has five Nilpeter, two of which were booked during Labelexpo India last November. According to Manish Kapoor, country manager for Nilpeter, the delivery of the three presses will be completed by March 2018, two of which will be delivered in November and December 2017; and the final one in February 2018. 

Confirming the deal over a telephonic conversation with PrintWeek India, Harish Gupta, CEO at Sai Com Codes, said, “Having expanded our operations with a second plant in Guwahati late last year, it's natural we scale up. This buy is part of that plan. We are hoping we get the delivery of the presses as scheduled.”

Sai Com Codes caters to industries like HPC, liquor, pharma, cosmetic, agrochemical, food and textile.

At Labelexpo Europe 2017, Nilpeter unveiled a brand new flexo press and the upgraded digital Panorama hybrid press.

Kapoor said, “The FA Line is one of the most advanced press on the market in terms of automation, built and the features it brings with it.”

Explaining the way Nilpeter presses are built, Kapoor said, “As the entire base of the press is made out of one single piece of metal, the label printer can be assured of the high quality of precision because of the sturdy base it provides. Nilpeter is the only company which manufactures parts in-house, right from production planning to final quality test of the press.”

Kapoor added, “The FA line’s other key highlight is that each print head comes with seven motion controllers. Everything that is repeatable that can be controlled has been automated. There are very few levers or buttons. The entire press is controlled via an iPad, either sending or receiving the values the press has to operate at.” 

Nilpeter has manufacturing locations in Denmark, USA and India.