Robus sells 13 machines in Pune

Robus India seems to have found a growing market in Pune, Maharashtra. Recently, several Pune-based companies, including Anup Printers; PP Bafna Ventures; Novel Packaging; Dolly Printer & Packaging and Parksons Packaging, invested in as many as 13 machines from Robus India.

16 Aug 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

A number of these are Robus’s existing customers and others are new. 

Prem Vishwakarma, founder, Robus India, said, “It feels great when a company’s machines sell out in a region that is dominated by well-known companies. Receiving a significant number of orders from existing clients also demonstrates the trust our customers have in us.”

Vishwakarma added that Robus is committed to delivering top-notch machines and services, aiming to elevate customer satisfaction. To achieve this, the company recently inaugurated a service centre in Nashik, following a multitude of machine confirmations from the west zone.

“The new service centre marks a significant milestone in our dedication to serving customers in Western India,” Vishwakarma said. “By integrating this latest addition, we can effectively address the concern of travel.”

Among the new sales, Anup Printers has added seven machines, PP Bafna Ventures two, Novel Packaging two and Dolly Printer & Packaging has added one machine.

Among the machines, the servo-controlled high-speed automatic three-ply flute laminator (RI-3FL-1450HS), manufactured by Kingvida, helps save around Rs 10-lakh in glue consumption per year.

The Excellence Series automatic top feeder die-cutter with four-side stripping (BHT-1060CE) 9000 sheets per hour, manufactured by Dayuan, helps increase production by 15% compared to standard or traditional die-cutting machines. It provides better creasing and fewer nicks with the latest variable speed technology.

The Performance Series automatic bottom feeder die-cutter with four-side stripping (MHK-1300EFC) with nonstop batch delivery, manufactured by Dayuan, has been designed especially for printed corrugated sheets. 

The Confidence Series automatic folder gluer (FG-650PC), manufactured by Robus India, is used for carton pasting. This series of folder-gluers is specialised for pharma and cosmetics jobs.

The automatic two-piece servo control glueing machine (JAB-2600), manufactured by Kingvida, has been designed for uneven two parts gluing.

The automatic heavy-duty paper-cutting machine (RI-PC-1150DH) comes with double hydraulic arms.

The automatic cartons counting machine (RI-CC-1100L), manufactured by Robus India, is useful in reducing manpower in the rotary die-cutting process.

The Performance Series automatic folder-gluer with four- and six-corner attachment machine (FG-850PCW), manufactured by Robus India, is used for carton pasting. The machine is compatible to run straight line, crash lock, self-lock, conical and tapered cartons, tubelight, four- and six-corner and three-ply E-fluted corrugated boxes.

The Confidence Series automatic top feeder die-cutter without stripping (MHC-1060), is manufactured by Dayuan. The machine will be used to die-cut duplex board and three-ply corrugated sheet up to the thickness of 4-mm.