Radhe installs DG Line Touch from Hi-Tech Systems

Commercial printer based in Mumbai, Radhe Print Solutions has installed a new finishing kit from Hi-Tech Systems to boost its capacity and automation.

20 Jan 2022 | By Mansi Gupta

DG Line touch automatic creasing and perforation machine installed at Radhe Prints

The pandemic months have been tough for Radhe Print Solutions and its founder Karsan Dubariya in terms of delivering their printed jobs quickly. Which is why he invested in a suction-fed automatic creasing / perforation machine with a two-inch pile feeder. The decade-old firm produces commercial print work for corporates plus job work for other print firms. But its speciality is pharma customers and book printing.

Karsan Dubariya told PrintWeek, "The brand new DG Line Touch is ideal for us since a lot of our work is 'print on demand'. Our customers expect high quality products from  offset printed stock. We needed to achieve this through a fast and simple operation."

The DG Line Touch was installed at the company’s Andheri site.  Parag Shah of Hi-Tech Systems who has installed the kit told PrintWeek, "This is the sixth DG Line installation in Andheri."

The new machine has been purchased to automate many of the processes that previously required manual operation. The format is adapted to digital, offset and also book covers (books on demand) with an extension of 50x100, without extension (standard 50x70). It is also possible to attach a standard perforating kit (optional extra) which can be programmed directly from the display.

"It’s just a lot more relaxed – we’re not having to run machines and stand over them quite so much, we’re able to actually set up a job and let it do its own thing while we’re working on others,” Dubariya said.  The company's 7,000 sq/ft unit is a busy "family-type" workplace during the two-shifts.

Dubariya said, "Our operation team had 30 staff members before Covid arrived, and we’ve maintained the number of our team members at full salary. During the pandemic, I was keen that the work should be automated and I think we’ve succeeded in doing so." The USP of our unit is "complete job with in-house print finishing facilities, quick delivery and high quality."

Radhe Print Solutions boasts of a Ryobi, Komori and Heidelberg press, along with a wiro kit plus punching machine, etc. Dubariya's mission is: "To be a public-listed company with a Rs 100 cr turnover and be mentioned among the top hundred printers of 2025."

According to Parag Shah, the reason for the popularity of the kit - in addition to its compact size - is, "It does not need a skilled operator and hence you can save on labour cost". Also, it reduces wastage of sheets; and "saves almost 500 to 1500 per day and up to  Rs 16 lakh in three years." Since the DG Line operates at 8000 sheets per hour; the kit can "match the printing speed and finishing speed for a faster turnaround of jobs."