ProPak India 2019: Bossar to display BMK 2600 kit

Horizontal-form-fill-seal [HFFS] packaging machine manufacturer, Bossar Packaging and its sister group company Scholle IPN, will showcase its CleanPouch portfolio that includes its modular HFFS machine BMK 2600.

07 Oct 2019 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

BMK 2600 kit

The machine is aimed at F&B applications as it enables the packing of pastes, purees and liquids. It is designed and constructed in full stainless steel, and it meets the international sanitary standards such as 3A, WDA, USDA, and UL.

Bossar’s BMK 2600 forms and fills pouches within a range from 80 x 80 mm to 260 x 300 mm. It can reach an output of 160 pouches per minute and fill up to 2,500cc of product in simplex and 750cc in duplex.

The machine can be offered with total/partial shaped, spouted, stand-up pouches along with various dosing systems such as piston fillers, mass flowmeters, magnetic flowmeters, all of which are packed in Clean and Ultraclean environment. 

Clean and Ultraclean are the levels achieved during packaging by means of laminar flow, UV lamps and/or hydrogen peroxide. These applications are required to fill fruit juice, compote, yoghurt and dairy products.

During the trade show, Bossar will provide case histories that could be analysed either on HFFS and experience a live demonstration during all three days of the show. 

Currently, more than 300 machines have been installed globally for packing ketchup, mayonnaise and other sauces.

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