Prodon’s inclusive mission

On 11 August, I attended a webinar on Building Inclusive Organisations. One part of the session focussed on creating an inclusive space for the people with intellectual disability.

12 Aug 2020 | By Sujith Ail

According to Jai Vakeel Foundation, a Mumbai-based non-profit working with intellectually disabled people, about 264-lakh individuals are suffering from intellectual disability. This translates into one in every 50 people.

As part of the success story, a non-profit organisation shared its story of a young gentleman who received training and capacity building has been working successfully for the last three-four years in a manufacturing company. To my surprise, the manufacturing company is an award winning boutique firm in the print industry. It was Mumbai-based Prodon Enterprises.

This is a progressive step taken by Jehangir Surthi of Prodon Enterprises in creating an inclusive organisation and also giving a livelihood opportunity for the intellectually challenged people. This act by Surti must be acknowledged by the industry and a step should be taken towards encouraging such practises. During the webinar, parents of the employed person said that their son has been to contribute to family earning and has always been receiving support from staff as well as the company owner.

Kudos to Prodon Enterprises. We hope to see similar acts by many other organisations from the print industry.

Sujith Ail is an alumni of Indian School of Development Management and a former PrintWeek scribe.