PrintWeek Awards celebrates USD 48 billion packaging market

The world packaging demand is expected to breach the USD1-trillion-mark in 2021 and notch up USD1.22 trillion in 2026, according to the latest Smithers analysis. Today, India is the fourth largest national market worldwide and is pegged at USD48.2 billion. And packaging is what PrintWeek is celebrating during the 12th edition of its Annual Awards.

23 Jun 2022 | By Mansi Gupta

A sum total of 11 packaging categories in the quality and performance segment of PrintWeek Awards 2022

Kalpak Shah, the senior executive - Awards and Events at PrintWeek and WhatPackaging? magazines said "We have 29 Award categories in total. Of this, the Awards are categorised as the Quality Awards, the Performance Awards and the Special Covid-19 Awards. Shah said, "The Performance Awards has 11 categories; Quality Awards has 14 categories and the Special Covid-19 Awards has five categories. Of this we have a sum total of 11 packaging categories in the quality and performance segment."

Shah said in the past two years India has seen new types of packaging, plus consumer demand and changes in sales channels for packaged goods. Shah felt there are important packaging collaterals in the following sectors: luxury items, pharmaceuticals, beverages, and retail food carryout formats  as well as FMCG.

Kalpak Shah is right.

Manoj Mehta of Unitrade Group in UAE shared with WhatPackaging? magazine about an innovation in which his firm embellished a glass bottle with leather (PU) decoration along with the magnetic flip-top cap. This was then packed in a kraft board box with an aluminium metal plate and micro-embossing, that resembled stitches on fabric. Truly a melange of concept, technology, materials and aesthetics.

Jury Day, PrintWeek Awards 2019 

Likewise WhatPackaging? reported about the KitKat 150g Diya pack manufactured by Nestle India. The carton with a festive greeting card inside "gives packaging the opportunity to tell a story for the occasion of gifting. The WhatPackaging? report said: "By providing this multi-layered pop-up diya, the packaging adds value to the end customer while they enjoy the premium product inside." All in all, a user-friendly, simple pack created by Parksons Packaging offers a wow factor in terms of experience.

What enchanted Kalpak Shah was "the maximum front panel is covered by gold foil so that it retains the premium look of the carton. This along with the embossing, spot gloss and foil improves the aesthetic look of the pack."

Kalpak Shah concluded, "The PrintWeek Awards for packaging is all about design innovation as well as the latest in recycling technologies, both mechanical processes substrate experimentation. Many converters are exploring a growing preference for fibre-based packaging aligning with brand owner sustainability goals and legislation focused on a transition towards circular economy models. It's a great year at the awards".

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