PrintWeek Awards 2023: S Kumar Multiproducts wins Customer Service Company of the Year (Joint Winner)

It takes two to tango. If CDC Printers from Kolkata successfully serviced its customers with the CRM system, S Kumar did it by providing services right from designing to pre-press, to material selection, printing and post-printing feedback.

30 Oct 2023 | By PrintWeek Team

S Kumar Multiproducts wins Customer Service Company of the Year

 “Acquiring new customers is never easy. But retaining the customers is even more difficult,” said the S Kumar statement. “Gone are the days of price wards in the packaging industry and clients changing printing partners at the drop of a hat for marginal price differences.” Go that extra mile and ensure the purchasing experience for the customer – is the mantra.

S Kumar provided materials selection guide by doing multiple rounds of sampling for a start-up, Wallop Brewing Co, which did not want to compromise on the look and feel of the labels they wanted for its product. So was the case for Quaffine, a coffee liquor brand with fine elements in the labels. The success of the two companies has enabled S Kumar to expand its supplies nationally.

Urban Platter had a label requirement of 226 varieties of nuts, spices and condiments. But the catch was – low quantities, 200 and 300 units per design. There were embellishments and design challenges, which S Kumar managed and gave the customer exactly what it wanted.

Providing exceptional customer experience has become a crucial aspect of brand differentiation, appeal, and connection, which are all essential for the success of any business. In addition to this, it’s important to have the right tools and personnel in place to ensure continued success. These customer testimonials and more have established the importance of focusing on customer experience to achieve business success.

For implementing an effective customer experience strategy and its achievements, S Kumar Multiproducts is the Customer Service Company of the Year 2023 winner.


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