PrintWeek Awards 2023: Any Graphics wins Label Printer of the Year (Joint Winner)

Any Graphics has every reason to celebrate winning the PrintWeek Label Printer of the Year 2023. According to the judges, the labels met all the artwork, effect and aesthetics criteria.

30 Oct 2023 | By PrintWeek Team

Any Graphics wins Label Printer of the Year

Last year’s Label Printer of the Year (Self-adhesive) Award winner, Any Graphics has emerged victorious once again. This year, the Label Printer of the Year category merged self-adhesive and wet-glue labels into one Award.

The Zam Zam labels designed by the Any Graphics team is flushed with special effects. The company designed the flower and lemon effects for the two shower gel products using multiple software and created patterns in gloss coating, which gave the labels a lively look. The two four-colour plus special colour jobs, runs of thousand each, used high-tech white paper from Avery Dennison and were printed using a combination of print techniques.

Pine 24 hours labels for Mangla Incense, which had a run of thousand each, again used a combination of digital and screen print techniques. Any Graphics delivered what the customer wanted, particularly emphasising the words- guarantee 24 hours- using wooden layer label stock not easily available in local markets. The challenge for Any Graphics was to import the material for such a limited quantity of runs, which it did. 

The Engage label for ITC, an anti-counterfeiting laced label, was challenging to produce. The company modified the customer’s design, and merged the security effects in labels, enabling different effects at different angles. Any Graphics innovated this holography-merged security label, which the company said, will not be easy to duplicate. “A good solution for counterfeiting,” said one of the judges.

The Hera label was about making it economical, discarding the previously expensive metal film labels (100% aluminium material) without compromising on embossing and the look of the metals. The result was the production of labels with specific metallic yellow on silver glossy paper and tiny micro-embossed characters.

Both Engage and Hera labels were produced on the Omet flexo press and had runs of six-lakh and five-lakh, respectively.


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