PrintWeek Awards 2022: Pratik Hota wins Student of the Year (Batch 2021)

Pratik Hota says, “Sustainability is a hot topic these days, and I believe that the packaging industry should begin investing in more such projects. Investing in recycling plants (in India) could be a possibility.

02 Nov 2022 | By PrintWeek Team

He adds, “Personalised packages, in my opinion, are an example of a sustainable project that the packaging industry should investigate.”

Hota states, I learned that the Carlsberg Group has begun trials with their partners, Pabaco, for the next generation of paper-based bottles. The outer shell of the bottle is made of sustainable wood fibre, with a thin plastic pouch containing the product inside.” The concept has piqued Pratik Hota’s interest.

Hota also loved the launch of the Mondelez (Cadbury Silk) brand during the Valentine’s Day season. The reason? “In the package itself, they included a pop-out thing in the shape of a heart that can be used to write a special message.”\

When Hota visited Alpla India’s manufacturing facility in Hyderabad he was intrigued because “the facility, which included various technologies such as IM, EBM, and ISBM, as well as secondary operations such as labelling and sleeving.”

He feels rigid plastic solutions with rPET (Recycled PET), rHDPE (Recycled HDPE), and PCR (Post Consumer recyclable) material require a lot more attention.


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