PrintWeek Awards 2022: Bhatia Graphica wins Pre-Media Company of the Year

Receiving CMYK image and re-separating the image to Pantone colours using software, in this case Esko Artpro+ Graphic editor, and then finally RIPing the file for producing plates has minimised speed-to-market and saving on cost for Bhatia Graphica’s clients.

02 Nov 2022 | By PrintWeek Team

The company’s submission re-defined pre-press provisions, particularly the three samples it worked on – Aramusk Musk, La Rose and Rajnigandha cans, for dry offset printing.

The images for the Aramusk Musk and La Rose were received in CMYK format. The company re-seperated the image using Pantone colour and proper masking so that it was printable using dry offset process. Since dry offset printing results have a very high dot gain, especially in highlight areas, there is always a visible high-edge if the image is not separated properly. Besides, the image on the can when using dry offset process is printed simultaneously wet-on-wet using special colours.

The pre-press operator has to be highly skilled and check the total area coverage so that the colours do not look smudged during printing. “The skill in separating the colours to avoid obstruction in the overall design is commendable,” said one judge.

Bhatia also showcased its pre-media prowess while catering to the flexo printing clients. The Elizabeth Style Strawberry shampoo sachet was special. The eight-print station flexo press ran white, cyan, magenta, yellow, black, Pantone, gold and varnish. The highlight of the job: switch from digital to flexo. The client wanted superior quality print and reproduction. And of course lower cost. And the client was happy. 

“How producing the right kind of image to be fired on the plates, to be run on the press and culminate in the highest quality of print was aptly demonstrated in the submission,” said one judge of this Award winning company.


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