PrintWeek Awards 2019: Sri Sivarama Digital Press (Printonica) wins Digital Photo Album Printer of the Year

After missing out last year, the 2017 winner of the category, Sivarama Digital Press (Printonica), returns to prove why it is one of the best photo album printers in the country.

01 Dec 2019 | By PrintWeek Team

The company produced four different albums for VV Ramana of Hyderabad with a run length of four. The first is a double photo album pack — a 18x24-inch main album and a 8x12-inch mini album at the bottom of the pack.

The chromatic cover page comes with a golden crystal handle from Swarovski. Once opened, it gives a wide-angle, double-scope view giving a unique feel of the album.

The second album is called big photo album because of its 20x29-inch size. It comes with a specially made box that can hold the album safely and also gives it a sense of grandeur.

The third album is a royal collection album pack with attractive coverings, colourful design and beautiful appearance. It comes with a special box made with fancy leather and velvet cloth finish.

Finally, the fourth album is a 14x20-inch consumer album pack, where its chromatic cover is a special attraction.

The shortlisted companies in this category were

  • GK Vale & Co
  • Indot Color World