PrintWeek Awards 2019: Registrations close on 30 August

For ten years the PrintWeek India Awards has been adding lustre to the reputation of the winners as well as the shortlisted firms. The meticulously chosen entries reveal the vibrancy, innovative streaks and surprises in our industry.

09 Aug 2019 | By PrintWeek India

The eleventh edition of the PrintWeek India Awards 2019 is has been announced. In 2019, there are two sets of categories – the Performance Awards and Quality Awards. The Performance Awards has seven categories and the Quality Awards has 17 categories.

Noel D’cunha, managing editor of PrintWeek India says, “So, what are you waiting for? Winner or shortlisted, you have a perfect reason to contact your clients and prospects to share the good news. All you have to do is send your best four print jobs as entries for the PrintWeek India Awards 2019 scheme. And you can send multiple entries, which enhances your chances of winning or being shortlisted.”  

150 worthy winners at the PWI Awards

There have been over 150 PrintWeek India Awards winning companies in the past decade. What is it that makes the Award so coveted for these companies that they spend hours selecting, what they think is their best print jobs?

We spoke to a few winners of the previous edition as well as last year’s winners. They cited visibility, credibility, recognition and in some ways more business – all of which translates into money.

Surat-based Jain Offset Print received the Special Jury Award in Packaging Converter of the Year 2016 on the strength of its quality samples which feature fine-textured effects without the use of any chemical. “The category has been dominated by the biggies in packaging printers. It was a big achievement for our firm as well as for printers in Surat,” says Mukesh Jain, partners, Jain Offset Print. The Award encouraged the company to invest in a new press, to meet the quality requirement of its customers. “Honestly, the PWI Award helped us build credibility, which is so important in this extremely competitive market."


CDC Printers from Kolkata is a winner of multiple editions of the Awards. “The Awards are a seal of approval that our services are valuable to our clients, and a good marketing tools too,” says Manu Choudhary of CDC Printers.

Manish Desai of Mudrika Labels in Vasai too agrees that there are benefits of participating in the Awards, and winning it. While a product is developed, labels and packaging are always the last ones in the process. The spends are tight. “We are creatively-driven. We believe in creating new products, rather than producing the same things your competition is producing and enter the price war,” says Desai, whose group’s business turnover has grown to Rs 160-crore since Mudrika won the Special Jury Award 2016 for Label –  Colgate 3X Buy 2 Get 1 Free.

Noel D'cunha, adds, "Print in India is witnessing a combination of interlinking new and old technologies. As a result, we see many new offerings during the Awards 2019. Besides art and aesthetics; and form and structure, print is deploying online systems and data with pattern-detecting analytics and innovation that is creating ripples in many print centres across the country. Like every year, PrintWeek India hopes many new print firms will send in Award entries and celebrate the pride and glory of the ever-dynamic printing industry." 

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