Printronics-Durst webinar on digital label and packaging printing

Chennai-based multi-brand solution expert Printronics will host a webinar along with their partners Italy-based Durst Phototechnik to share the latter’s’ expertise on digital printing for labels and packaging on 27 May 2020.

20 May 2020 | By Sriraam Selvam

Venkatesh S, managing partner at Printronics

“We will have experts from Durst sharing their knowledge and know-how on the topic and the attendees will be shown a virtual live demonstration of the Durst Tau RSC platform from Durst’s Customer Experience Centre at Brixen, Italy,” said Venkatesh S, managing partner, Printronics.

The company apart from Durst also partner some leading brands across the world including, GM-Denmark, Keenetech- USA, Berhalter and Systec-Switzerland, Recyl-France, Alpha Cure and Primarc-UK, Packers-Korea, Rotary Technologies-PRC.

“Helmuth Munter, segment manager and Martin Leitner, product manager, from Durst’s label and packaging printing division will be the panellists for the webinar and talk about new ideas to produce cost-effective labels and packaging products at consistent quality,” said Venkatesh.

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