PrintPack 2022: Technicon India debuts its first product for packaging industry

Mumbai-based Technicon India launched two new products for the packaging industry at the PrintPack India show. This was part of the company’s move to diversify into producing machines for the packaging industry. Technicon India is one of leading companies in the newspaper mailroom automation segment.

06 Jun 2022 | By Aultrin Vijay

Rajiv Gandotra, founder of Technicon India

“This is our first attempt at diversification to packaging. We’ve launched two new machines as part of that – Inverticon 5 and Cartonist 5,” Rajiv Gandotra, founder of Technicon India told PrintWeek.

The Inverticon 5 is an automatic batch inverter capable of inverting crash lock bottom cartons for easy and quick pickup. It can be attached directly to the folder gluers, which will help reduce wastage in terms of time and money, Gandotra said.

“Inverting of the carton is done by hand, which is a tedious and time consuming and tiring task, which also reduces the efficiency of the worker. This machine will address all the problems,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Cartonist 5 is a semi-automatic carton packer, which is ergonomically designed to reduce worker fatigue and body movement.

“Two operators can operate it and nobody is offering a system like this in India,” Gandotra said. “Carton is filled, closed, taped top and bottom, labelled and ready for palletising with the Cartonist 5. This means tremendous reduction in labour. There is no need for a dedicated person to do all these jobs.”

He told PrintWeek that the speed of the machine matches the speed of the folder gluer. However, the optimum speed is yet to be ascertained. For this, the company is in talks with big packaging production houses to field-test the newly-launched machines.

Gandotra said that the machines are designed in-house and it took two years to design and build the machines.

Regarding the response at the show, Gandotra said, “The response has been amazing. The Indian market did not even know that there’s automation available for cartons. Lot of people have shown interest in trying it out. PrintPack India 2022 was a very good platform to launch these new technologies.”

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