PrintPack 2019: Java unveils HP Indigo-certified Invercote MetalPrint

Mumbai-based Java Paper Group launched the HP Indigo-certified Invercote MetalPrint at the PrintPack 2019. At the show, the Metalprint was printed on the HP’s latest digital press HP Indigo 12000 HD.

06 Feb 2019 | By Sujith Ail

(l-r) A Appadurai of HP and Hema Java of Java Paper Group

The Metalprint Digital is part of Iggesund Paperboard’s Invercote range. The paperboard is laminated with metallised PET to the print side, making it suitable for decorative printings where a metallic effect is required. The paperboard is said to have superior surface smoothness and barrier properties.

Hema Java of Java Paper Group said, “When sheets are laminated offline, there is presence of unevenness whereas the smoothness offered by the Invercote’s Metalprint is unmatched.”

A Appadurai, country business manager for Indigo at HP, added, “Currently, metallised boards are only catered by the UV offset segment which are almost 1 in 100 in India. To do a short-run job on UV offset is not feasible as it incurs wastage of almost 10% and you cannot afford to waste the expensive metallised boards. So, any creative ideas which involve short-run jobs get killed even before it is pitched. By running the substrates like Metalprint on HP Indigo 12000 HD, one can fulfil creative project even with better quality than UV offset.”

As Metalprint are available in B2 size sheets, it helps in imposing maximum ups on the sheet which will lead to minimum wastage and use of lesser number of sheets compared to A3 size sheets.

Invercote Metalprnt is also a FSC certified substrate which ensures environmental consideration during its production.

“Having a HP-certified paper relives the customer of a pre-treatment required before it goes for print. Printer just has to take off the substrates from the shelf and start the production,” concluded Appadurai.

The Metalprint digital is targeted at packaging segments such as wine and spirits; cosmetics; hair care and toiletries; and confectionery among others, where brands seek luxury appeal.