PrintPack 2019: Esko equips Artpro+ with host of new features

Team Esko is demonstrating the latest version of its flagship pre-press editor Artpro+, which, according to Arnab Maiti, has a host of unique features to speed up the artwork editing process and also minimise human errors in the process.

01 Feb 2019 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

The Artpro+ is built on the native PDF format. So you can use any application to create a PDF and with then open it directly in Artpro+ without the need to normalise the PDF file.

Moreover, Esko Artpro+ is now a platform-independent software, therefore it can run on both Mac as well as PC, informed Maiti.

One stand-out feature of Artpro+ is the enhanced user experience and look and feel of the software. Unlike many editing software where the entire tool palette is available to the user to choose the tool that he needs, Artpro+ features an intuitive screen that only displays the tools that are relevant to the task at hand.

“This also makes it an easy-to-learn software and therefore reduces the skill levels required to operate the software,” said Maiti.

During the demonstration, Maiti showcased how users can create action lists to automate the frequently used tools and repetitive tasks. “Operators don’t need any special know-how or IT skills to create action lists. Do it once in the editor and then repeat many times with a single click,” explained Maiti.