Printmann targets efficiency boost with a second Speedmaster SX 102 2P

Navi Mumbai-based packaging specialist Printmann Group has added a new Heidelberg Speedmaster SX 102 2P in May 2021 to drive efficiency and productivity of its leaflets, especially the outserts production, which the company said, was only “getting bigger in size”.

12 Jul 2021 | By Noel D'Cunha

The SX 102 2P at Printmann

Printmann has four business verticals – cartons, foils, labels and leaflets – spread across three manufacturing units located in and around Mumbai. The Rabale facility is presently equipped with a Heidelberg SX 102 2P perfecting machine installed in 2018.

Tejas Tanna, director at Printmann, said, “We are into manufacturing pharmaceutical outserts and multi-fold big size leaflets for the US and the European markets. The existing presses could only print in single ups, reducing our production by half and often leading to a 1:1 ratio between the printing output and the folding machines.”

Tanna, who manages the business with brother Ankit, added, “With the onset of Covid, there have been major escalations in the raw material costs along with the administrative costs required to maintain Covid protocols. This compelled us to reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, and in turn productivity. This was one of the major reasons to add a Heidelberg on our shop floor to give continuous feed to our folding machines to convert the jobs at a faster rate.”

Established in 1987 by Tanna’s father Bipin Tanna, Printmann began its operation as a commercial printing company before venturing into the pharmaceutical segment for packaging products such as leaflets and cartons. “With the support of our loyal customers, Printmann branched out into label and foils. Currently, Printmann is catering to customers in the pharmaceutical, food, FMCG, home and personal care, and retail segments,” said Tanna.

Tejas (l) and Ankit Tanna at the PrintWeek 2019 Award Night

The SX 102 can print at a speed of 15,000sph on a max 720x1,020mm sheet size of 0.28mm to 1mm thickness. Besides enhancing capacity, the new SX 102’s ability to print leaflets up to 28gsm is something that has aided Printmann’s leaflet production. “When the leaflet sizes get bigger, the complexity of multi-fold to produce outserts are shifted to a lower 28gsm paper to compensate for the limitation of thickness on the outsert folding machine. “With the SX 102 2P, we can produce such outserts at high speed and quality.”

Ankit Tanna, a director at Printmann Group, said, “We have been extremely happy with the Heidelberg equipment, and the after-sales service was a major reason for us to go ahead with the second equipment especially because of the stability.”

The joint winner of the PrintWeek Packaging Converter of the Year Award in 2019, recently rated by PrintWeek as the 13th most influential print company in India, has set its eye on becoming a one-stop solution provider for any client’s printed packaging material. “Currently we are building our capacity with a greenfield plant for carton manufacturing. Once this plant is up and ready we would have three separate plants catering to carton, leaflets, foils and label requirements,” concluded Tanna.

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