Print Summit 2019: Encube's Mehul Shah's mantras for success

At the 13th Print Summit, Mehul Shah of Encube Ethicals shared mantras for success which has helped Encube achieve the largest single-site manufacturing facility for pharmaceutical topical dosage forms in the world.

24 Jan 2019 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

Mehul Shah of Encube Ethicals

Mehul Shah, managing director, Encube Ethicals said, “We have the largest manufacturing facility for tropical products in the world. Our plant at Goa has more than 900 employees, more than 25 customers and more than 400 SKUs."

According to Shah, the major reason behind this success is adapting to the newest technologies, innovation, and building a strong relationship with the customers.

Shah said, “Don’t be stuck in the manufacturing age, upgrade to the latest technologies. Know your customer’s business. Ask their future plans and what they are aiming for in the next three years, and find solutions that can make them achieve it.”

Shah shared that five years of strong customer focused relationship led Encube to attracting one of the best R&D talents, enabling growth of team from about 20 employees to more than 120 employees, and 70% of the top-line invested in R&D in FY19.

Shah also shed light on the 80/20 concept, saying, “80% of a printer’s business is on low margin and 20% is on the profit margins. Matching your 20% with customer's 20% is a must. The 80% business allows you to build muscles, while the 20% business allows you to grow and invest in future.”

For the betterment of the 80% business, he stressed on driving efficiency in the procurement of new capacities, lean by design and review, control costs to the last point of detail and management of cash flow and accounts receivables in a better manner.

Speaking on the 20% business, Shah stressed the vitality of global standards and quality along with a world-class infrastructure, follow regulatory standards and ISO approvals.

Shah also spoke about the importance of people working in an organisation. Encube has a 12 plus member HR team along with senior consultant and executive coach.

“Business, culture and any lean movement start with people. Get the right HR framework in place to get the right culture in place,” added Shah.