Print China 2019: Zhongke launches new products

Zhejiang Zhongke Packaging Machinery, commonly known as Zhongke in India, launched multiple products to meet the changing market demand and to strengthen its product portfolio in rigid box manufacturing segment during Print China 2019, held at Guangdong, China from 9 to 13 April.

29 Apr 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

Team Zhongke India with its largest customer in India, Replika Press

Since its launch in India in 2015, Zhongke has steadily captured the market to make itself a prominent player in the rigid box segment. Zhongke is the only rigid box manufacturing machine supplier in India who has installed 20 automatic rigid box manufacturing machines for a single company, Kundli-based Replika Press.

“We are happy how Indian customers have shown their trust in Zhongke, especially its rigid box manufacturing machines,” Rohit Rajpal, director, Zhongke India said.

About the new launches, Rajpal said the machines were introduced to offer best and fast solutions to the industry. “A few of the new launched machines were sold during the exhibition itself,” he added.

Among the newly introduced machines, the ZK 660 FBS is an all servo driven machine and has been especially developed to manufacture rigid boxes. It has an option of five-time turning for deep and narrow boxes and equipped with HMI system.

The ZK 6421 is a fully automatic intelligent rigid box making machine for irregular sizes. It can produce boxes up to dimensions of 600x400x210-mm at the speed of 45 boxes per minute. Deep turn of the box can be 100-mm. Generally such boxes are used in the luxury segment.

The ZK 660 F is a high speed (45 boxes per minute) all servo-driven machine. It is for sweet boxes with double lead, intelligent box forming and bubble manipulates.

The ZK 582 is a fully automatic box folding and erecting machine for small size of 30x40-mm to 300x400-mm for multiple segments from shirt packaging to sweets packaging.

The ZK 5540 B is an automatic folder gluer for rigid box manufacturing. This is an integration of mechanical, electric and pneumatic systems. It is equipped with servo motor, PCL programmable controller, photoelectric tracer, touchscreen HMI and other systems. It can produced boxes (corrugated) for food, cosmetics, medicine, health care products, toys and commodities.  

The ZFM 900 H is a high speed case (45 cases per minute) machine.

The ZDH 700 is a folding box forming machine. The machine adopts servo drive, photo electric positioning, servo rectification, servo insert folding, edge wrapping along with new craft and technologies.  

Zhongke India represents six Chinese manufacturers  — Zhongke (Zhejiang Zhongke Packaging Machinery) for rigid box manufacturing machines; Yongshun (Wenzhou Yongshun Machinery) for lamination machines; Horda (Zhejiang Horda Machinery) for high quality cover manufacturing machines; Koro (Wenzhou Koro Machinery) for paper bags manufacturing machines; Guangya (Zhejiang Guangya Machinery) for automatic die-cutting and foil stamping machines and  Saili (Zhejiang Saili Machinery) for grooving, slitting, magnet inserting, cardboard splicing and other packaging machines in India and neighbouring countries.

Zhongke India has sold more than 300 machines since its inception.

Rajpal said that now Zhongke India is not just offering rigid box manufacturing machines, but also representing machines for lamination, cover manufacturing, foil stamping and die-cutting, paper bags manufacturing and other post-press equipment.

“Now we have packaging machines for most of the applications demanded in the market. It will further strengthen our customers’ belief in us. Our expanded product portfolio is a win-win situation for us and our customers,” he concluded.