Pragati Offset to buy Sampo print inspection kit from Sergusa

Hyderabad-based Pragati Offset, has chosen Mumbai based Sergusa Solutions Sampo print inspection and proofing kit during the recently concluded PrintPack India exhibition.

19 Feb 2019 | By Sujith Ail

Sampo is a flatbed print inspection and proofing machine using approved PDF for checking the printed sheets for errors prior to production as well as in-process inspection during printing.

Sampo is manufactured by Daheng Imavision, China, which is represented in India by Sergusa.

Vincent Swamy, director, Sergusa Solutions, said, “At the heart of the machine is the software, which uses Adobe core PDF technology. The software has evolved over the years and enables the operator to function with minimum skills. The scanning and processing time for the inspection is less than 90 seconds.”

Sampo is equipped with a high-speed industrial grade linescan camera that scans the printed sheet, which is placed on a suction platform. The software loads the PDF file or a scan copy of an approved print as a template to compare and detect differences between the two.

Swamy explained, “Unlike other inspection systems that use scanners, this is a contact-less scanning system. So even if the sheet is not adequately dried, false errors due to ink smearing is eliminated.”. Need for printed sheets to dry before scanning is completely eliminated making the system very fast than the conventional scanning methods. This system can cater upto 4 sheetfed machines in the production house.

The camera with a patented light source has an optical resolution of up to 0.036mm/pixel (708dpi) and an inspection accuracy of up to 0.1mmx0.1mm. The kit has the maximum sheet inspection size of 1020mmx720mm and can handle substrates varying from 40gsm to 500gsm.

“Sampo can also efficiently handle MetPET substrates which are widely used in the industry and also highly gloss varnish sheets,” added Swamy.

Sergusa also showcased the carton inspection machine at the exhibition. The kit is capable of inspecting 70,000 to 80,000 cartons per hour. The machine weighs around four tones, and “that’s marks the robustness of our machine,” said Swamy. “The higher weight of the machine ensures minimum vibration at high-speed and enables to capture still image of the cartons for the inspection.” The standard set up time is less than 5 min which is the fastest available in the industry.

Sergusa has sold 12 inspection machines of which six have been installed at TCPL Packaging.