PM Digital invests in a Horizon binder and cutter

Chennai-based boutique digital print house PM Digital Products recently added Horizon BQ 270V single-clamp variable binding machine and APC-610 programmable cutter.

06 Sep 2019 | By Sriraam Selvam

P Chellappan, managing partner of PM Digital

"We chose the Horizon single clamp perfect binder from amongst many competing models. It is not only capable of binding a single copy easily but also suitable for small to medium size runs. The binder is suited to printers having both digital and offset processes," said P Chellappan, the managing partner of PM Digital.

The 2005-founded company is the digital wing of the seven-decade Palaniappa Brothers, the book publisher and print firm. PM Digital and Chellappan's role as pioneers in embracing new technology is renowned amongst the peers in Chennai.

"Our confidence in Horizon's products and ePrint's (Horizon distributor) is immense. And so, we added a fully programmable cutter (APC-610) too," added Chellappan.

The Horizon perfect binder BQ 270VFC boasts of several unique features. This includes, the automatic book thickness measuring and produces books up to 50mm thick at a maximum speed of 500 cycles per hour. Meanwhile, APC-610 works at a maximum size of 610x100 mm and features a large touch screen, backguage and knife angel adjusting lever.

"We are happy to be associated with PM Digital. I hope the BQ270V with several automated features like nipping width and glue thickness adjustments helps them with increased productivity," said Omprakash, the managing director of ePrint Machinery.