Pinnacle Traxim scores growth with Gallus Labelmaster

Sonipat-based Pinnacle Traxim has grown its business by 20% since the installation of the Gallus Labelmaster 440 narrow-web flexo printing press in January 2022. The current setup of Pinnacle Traxim specialises in labels and sleeves supply for FMCG, chemical, cosmetics, liquor, pharmaceutical, and alcobev markets.

23 Dec 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Pinnacle Traxim specialises in labels and sleeves supply for FMCG, chemical, cosmetics, liquor, pharmaceutical, and alcobev markets

Surendra Kumar Juneja and Lalit Kumar Gulati started the label printing business in 2008. On the investment, Lalit Kumar Gulati and Surendra Kumar Juneja jointly said, “Gallus Labelmaster is the first-in-class flexo press concerning quality, production capacity and capabilities. The Labelmaster features include operator-friendly platform, multiple converting options like rotary screen, dual cure drying systems, auto registration, and other customized options. Stable print registration at the speed of 150-m/min with high-quality printing. However, the Labelmaster can print a maximum speed of up to 200 m/min.”

Ferdinand Rüesch Senior, senior vice president, Global Key Accounts Gallus Ferd. Rüesch, on his recent visit to India, spoke about his experience of visiting Pinnacle’s unit. He said, “I am happy to see the enthusiasm of the press operators and their cheerfulness. It has been 11 months since Pinnacle has been operating the Labelmaster press. Congratulations to Gallus and Heidelberg for a new family member. Gallus has put together a lot of ideas in the R&D segment of the press to make the life of the press operator easy with faster setup times and waste reduction.”

The Labelmaster 440 helps with minimum substrate wastage, thanks to the short web path of 1.4 m between printing units. with a printing speed of up to 200 m/min, the Labelmaster can handle a wide choice of substrates ranging from 15-micron mono film to 450 microns of complex material such as tube laminates, and the credit goes to the integrated direct servo-driven printing cylinders and cool impression cylinder keeping perfect grip to the material during print production. The precise and stable print register accuracy across all printing speeds with a combination of printing possibilities and converting processes at any position makes the press a perfect choice and a key differentiator in the market.

Samir Patkar, president at Heidelberg India, commented, “It’s important to scale up in the packaging industry and with the Labelmaster, Pinnacle will get the push. As the utilisation of the Labelmaster press goes up with higher OEE (overall equipment efficiency), the cost of production gets reduced due to the technology behind the faster setup, lesser wastage, and minimal operator intervention. It was enthralling to see jobs printed on the Labelmaster from 12-micron films to shrink sleeves, tube laminates, and self-adhesive labels with the finest print quality.”

Patkar added, “The team at Pinnacle is trying flexo printing with a 250-lpi screen, and I haven’t come across it in India yet; while there are few converters completed 175 - 200-lpi. A Label converter aims for both production scale and value embellishment as it is the recipe for success, we wish, ‘Pinnacle’ - a great journey with Gallus Labelmaster in fulfilling their dreams and many more Gallus presses to adorn the shopfloor.”

The Gallus Labelmaster is not just impressive with its flexibility in perfection but also beautifies with its performance in production. An optimised ink chamber ensures perfect ink transfer to anilox rollers with minimal splashing and reduced foaming.

Sandeep Juneja, plant head, Pinnacle Traxim, said, “Gallus Labelmaster is suitable for short and long runs, and we handle diverse clients from food to alcobev, labels to flexible packaging, and the quality and sturdiness of the press is unmatched. We explored other presses, but the quality and productivity are exceptional with Gallus. We had been planning to purchase the Gallus press for a long time, and it is like a dream come true now"

In the coming years, Pinnacle plans to set up a new plant. Today the company is growing at a CAGR of 15%-20% and working for a better tomorrow.