Parshvi Graphics enhances print sheets with Duplo and UCOS equipment

Chawri Bazar, Delhi-based printer Parshvi Graphics has installed a Duplo DDC-810 digital spot-UV coater and UCOS DC-X II dry coater and foiling device.

05 Jul 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) Vineet Jain of Parshvi Graphics, Sanjib Kumar Mondal of TechNova and Anuj Jain of Parshvi Graphics

Anuj Jain of Parshvi Graphics said, “We print wedding cards. Since marriage is an important milestone in a person’s life, people are ready to spend; all they want is something attractive and innovative, something unique.”

Jain’s search for making unique print experiences got him to look for enhancement solutions that will offer exceptional quality and unbeatable value. “Presently, digital spot UV and foiling are among few and well-accepted tools for enhancing print products,” he says.

However, as run lengths in wedding card printing are relatively short, Jain was looking for a digital spot-UV coating machine that can produce short-runs. “Finally, we zeroed in on the Duplo, because TechNova is Duplo’s Indian representative. This is extremely important. There were other options available in the market but after sales services and expert consultations can really affect the end result when it comes to new technologies like digital spot UV. With TechNova we were sure. Duplo DDC 810 scored on all the factors, be it precision, an extremely compact footprint, or exceptional ease of use at an incredible value, when we compared with other alternatives,” Jain said.

The foiling and dry coating unit are provided as an offline solution from UCOS, which gives wide operation latitude. “We can try various combinations of UV and foiling to create unique print results thanks to the offline foiling engine. We have tried gold and silver foiling on the machine and the result is fantastic. We will try copper and other foiling soon,” said Jain.

“We have installed both the machines a few days back. “It’s off season for wedding cards, but we are creating a buzz about the applications that can be done with our machines right now so that by the time wedding season arrives, our customers will be familiar with the technology and its impact,” Jain said.

Parshvi Graphics has a complete set of digital presses, binding, lamination, cutting machines. The company also offers screen printing services.

Jain started Parshvi Graphics in 2007 because he was deeply interested in the field of graphic arts. Today, Jain’s brother Vineet helps him in the business.

“In the beginning, Parshvi Graphics was the only digital printing facility in the area for wedding cards, but now there are many digital printing facilities to service wedding cards suppliers. TechNova helped us differentiate from this crowd”

Sanjib Mondal, regional manager, digital imaging solutions, TechNova said “Our main focus is understanding the unique needs of the customer in his digitisation drive and offer the world’s best brands to meet them. We are customer obsessed.”