Pamex 2024: Vallava displays automatic file riveting machine

At the Pamex 2024, Vallava Graphic Machinery displayed two new machines at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, between 6 and 9 February. One of which was the automatic file riveting machine. This is a heavy-duty machine, with a durability of 15-20 years.

08 Feb 2024 | By Abhay Avadhani

Team Vallava at the show

The company is also into manufacturing multi-use conveyors, glue applicators and customised paper box manufacturing machines. The riveting machine is used for lever arch file main clip mechanisms with four steel rivets. A single operator can produce around 400 files per hour.

Murugan, founder of the company, said, “The response in this show has been very good. We have got a good amount of inquiries, and bookings have been confirmed. We are expecting a minimum of 30 to 35 orders for machines in these three days.”

The company has an entire unit for notebook manufacturing, a different unit for files, and it has developed machines for paper box manufacturing as well. Murugan believes this is a huge requirement in India, today.

“The plan for 2024 is to buy a huge chunk of space here, and we are also concentrating on exports. We are known for the quality, technology commitments and our services,” Murugan said.