Pamex 2024: Mahisa Packaging exhibits Felix Gluer

Mahisa Packaging showcased Felix Gluer at Pamex 2024.

07 Feb 2024 | By Abhay Avadhani

Parshva Shah, partner, Mahisa Packaging at Pamex 2024

Parshva Shah, partner, Mahisa Packaging, said, “Felix Gluer isn't just about applying glue; it's about redefining the entire glueing process. At its core lies a revolutionary technology that simultaneously handles both hotmelt and cold glue.”

Talking about the show, Shah said that the response has been good, “it seems like a busy show”.

Shah added, “Felix Gluer's advanced software and control system ensures perfect glue application every time, eliminating human error and delivering impeccable finishes on every package. No more rework, no more wasted materials, just flawless quality that elevates your brand image.”

He said that automating glueing is the aspect a lot of businesses are now interested in. The typical applications include, specialised manufacturers, corrugation, POS, packaging foam and more.

With the Felix Gluer, the glue consumption is reduced by 40% and the quantity of the glue varies. When asked about other advantages, Shah said, “There is a two to three-digit reduction in costs and the workforce required. For example, the labour requirements are brought from 25 to 40 people, down to eight people.”

Coming to Pamex for the first time, Mahisa Packaging Systems looks forward to present transformative innovation in adhesive solutions. He said that the main aim of the company is to create awareness of such automated glueing systems among the printing industry.

Shah said, “Felix Gluer, a revolutionary technology, addresses the longstanding challenges faced by Indian converters in the critical sphere of glueing. Having recognised the limitations of hand glueing, with its inherent inconsistencies, production bottlenecks, and high resource demands, Mahisa is committed to driving positive change within the industry. Through Pamex, we are honoured to unveil Felix Gluer as a catalyst for progress, empowering Indian converters to embrace a new era of automated glueing efficiency and unparalleled quality.”