Pamex 2024: Kongsberg exhibits for the first time

During the Pamex exhibition 2024, held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, in Mumbai, from 6 to 9 February, Kongsberg showcased its entry level model machine, which is the smallest size available - Kongsberg X20 cutting system.

06 Feb 2024 | By Abhay Avadhani

Rafiq Shaikh, sales and service leader for Kongsberg PCS

The Kongsberg stall wanted to emphasise its cutting and precision systems. Kongsberg X20 produces results close to a die punch, and the versatility of the machine was highlighted at the show. Various applications include paper, corrugation, kappa board, and plastics.

Rafiq Shaikh, sales and service leader for Kongsberg PCS, said, “Businesses are diversifying and they need a one-stop solution to cater to all the different segments.”

He said, “With the increase in popularity of shorter runs, businesses in digital need die-like finishing, so Kongsberg is the solution for them. This series offers the desired versatility to meet these current and upcoming demands, safeguarding a business’s investment and preparing it for the future.”

The short-run typically for these cutting systems ranges between 200 and 500 pieces. The size of the machine is 5x4-feet, which is ideal for folding cartons. Shaikh explained that the X20 is aimed at folding cartons, blankets, digital printing and folding cartons which are into corrugation.

“Day one of Pamex hasn’t yielded anything so far yet. We had a chat with our existing customers. Hopefully, on day two, we will have conversations with our existing clients as well as new prospects,” said Shaikh.

As the market sees a move towards short runs in direct response to several recent trends, such as the steep rise in online sales and new entrepreneurial startups needing shorter supplies of boxes for their product, during Pamex 2024, the Kongsberg PCS team showcased how the company’s flexible Kongsberg X20 cutting system makes complex production easy.