Pamex 2024: Java Paper Group highlights Invercote

Java Paper Group, a dealer of premium imported and local paper, participated in Pamex 2024 for the first time to showcase food-grade papers from ITC. The Group also displayed a new premium range of imported paper from Sweden called Invercote.

06 Feb 2024 | By Disha Chakraborty

Sagar Java, director, sales and marketing of Java Papers

Sagar Java, director, sales and marketing of Java Paper Group, said, “Since the lignin is obtained from Swedish trees, the fibres are long due to cold regions. The speciality of Invercote is that it has a better white colour compared to the local paperboards. Also, it offers better printability and flexibility. So, when you fold the paper, your print does not crack. This feature compliments the cosmetics packaging, pharma packaging and premium catalogues or brochures.”

He said though it costs more than a virgin paperboard, since the fibres are coarsely bonded even a lower gsm board acts sturdy. “This reduces the overall cost of raw materials used. Also, while printing on a digital machine, you need to pre-coat the paper, but with Invercote, you avoid the coating which optimises the process,” he added.

Java said the company is here to talk to the printers and spread awareness about a premium paper that will help them create premium products.