Pamex 2024: Gayathri Machinery pulls crowd with dual-station perforating and creasing machine

Chennai-based wire and post-press equipment specialist Gayathri Machineries showcased print finishing systems, Touchline series, of Swiss-based Multigraf plus wire-stitching reels.

19 Feb 2024 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

Gayathri Machinery at Pamex 2024

Uday Grover, director, Gayathri Machinery said, “From a treadle to automatic, the print industry has witnessed several trends and technologies. Now, short-run is the need of the hour, given its cost-effectiveness plus drive with digital.”

The company displayed a Multigraf creasing and perforation machine CP375 DUO and a Multigraf creasing and folding machine CF375. The primer operates with two cross-tool positions and can handle multiple operations in a single run. Also, beside up-and-down creasing, the machine has online options for folding.

Established in 1964, Gayathri Machinery will mark its 60th anniversary in June this year. The company has two verticals: seller of Taiwan, European, etc machinery; and manufacturer of stitching wires.

The company’s focus has been wire stitching for the bookbinding industry. Grover spoke about the stitching heads, which identifies as the engine that drives the car. High-quality and sturdy-built, these heads cater to the textbook, magazine and commercial print sector.