Pamex 2024: Aum Label and Machinery to showcase tower printing machine

Exhibiting for the first time at Pamex 2024, Aum Label and Machinery will bring its tower flexo printing machines with the best precision and accuracy for printing.

04 Feb 2024 | By PrintWeek Team

Raj Varma of Aum Label and Machinery said, “The five-colour tower (stacked) printing machine will have the best quality in registration, equipped with all UV systems and also with high-speed cameras to monitor the registration. With an accurate web-guiding and tension control system, we always provide the quality product to our customers.”

Last year, the company had the achievement of bringing flexo printing and punching machines with the best quality printing and punching operations. “In future, we will work on projects to achieve speed and quality in label flexo printing machines. We are also coming up with some new models and new categories,” Joshi said.

So far, the company has completed 35 major installations in India. The installation in 2023 was more than 15.