Pamex 2023: Suraj Print Pack opts for SASG UV solutions

Ahmedabad-based Suraj Print Pack opted for UV solutions from SASG UV Solutions at Pamex 2023.

28 Mar 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Suraj Print Pack specialises in the pharmaceuticals industry

Malav Shah, director, Suraj Print Pack, said, “We already have a few UV solutions from SASG, and we are happy with the performance of the existing machines. The demand for UV curing and coating is increasing, and we wanted to equip ourselves to meet the demand.”

Currently, Suraj Print Pack produces 40,000 UV sheets per day.

Shah said the deal for the new UV solution includes a 20x30-inches drip master and a 20x30-inches fully automatic roller coating machine for blister packaging.

The company specialises in the pharmaceuticals industry, with more than 95% of its production dedicated to pharma packaging.

The drip master runs at the speed of 10,000 sheets/hour. Drying happens through UV, IR and hot air and the application includes UV, IR and drip-off coating, full and spot coating primer coating.

Anil Saini and Sankoch Gaur of SASG UV Solutions said, “The machine can handle all kinds of coating, including triple coating, UV coating, aqua coating, blister coatings, HSL coating and barrier coating. It is completely loaded with the UV system and IR drier. The complete system is controlled by electronic power supplies. It’s equipped with forcibly returnable and forcibly backpacking systems. The machine is equipped with chamber systems from Denmark. So, there is no leakage from the chamber systems.”