Pamex 2023: Suba highlights its die-cutter

Chennai-based Suba Solutions showcased its die-cutter, the Blankwiser 106, among a range of other products.

30 Mar 2023 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

(l-r) Senthilkumar S, director and Balaji G, co-founder and director, Suba Solutions with the Blankwiser 106

The Blankwiser 106 is a high-speed stripping and blanking machine, with ease of programming and precise blanking operation, suitable for MetPET cartons, regular cartons, tags, and jobs with windows.

At the show, the company also presented a range of post-press machines and accessories, including an Eterna folder-gluer; a carton extractor; a specialty V-cut window patching machine and others. 

The company said the response received at Pamex so far has been extraordinary. The company had a great turnaround, with Blankwiser stealing the spotlight.