Pamex 2023: Nulith displays various solutions

During the Pamex 2023 exhibition, from 27 to 30 March, hosted at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Nulith Graphic showcased its portfolio of various products.

30 Mar 2023 | By Abhay Avadhani

The Nulith Graphic team at Pamex 2023

Nulith represents Actega’s coatings, which are water-based and are a replacement to the PE-coated. The water-based coating of Actega is known for its high-gloss, drip-off and high-barrier properties. It is heat-sealable and can be used for paper cups.

Apart from coatings, Nulith’s portfolio also consists of flexo plates, flexo inks and coating which is applicable to flexo, gravure and offset, blankets for offset and adhesives. The Huagang’s flexo printing plates of the entire R series, is suitable for water-based or alcohol-based inks. The Trelleborg Printing Solutions’ printing blankets are resistant to UV inks and washes, and provide printing results on a variety of surfaces.

Suresh Shah of Nulith said, “We do value-addition to the coatings, and our network is pan-India and neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka.” 

He added that the company is focusing more on flexo markets rather than offset. He believes that the future of the pint industry depends on the growth which can be achieved by different combinations of offset flexo and gravure.

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