Pamex 2023: Kolkata’s Calprin invests in Esko and MacDermid

On the first day of Pamex 2023, being held at Bombay Exhibition Centre from 27-30 March, Kolkata-based Calprin invested in the flexo pre-press and platemaking technology from Esko and MacDermid.

27 Mar 2023 | By Disha Chakraborty

Dr Sibesh Dubey, CEO, Calprin, said “Lava technology from Macdermid is something that will be the first one in South Asia. We are enthusiastic about it and with it, we plan to innovate and elevate our technology.” 

Over the years, the company has invested in a series of Esko software, including ArtPro Plus, flexo engines and now high-resolution CDI with UV LED exposure XPS Crystal and colour engine. 

Calprin was into offset printing and recently added a vertical consisting of flexo printing to its profile. Trying to take its service, technology and quality to the next level, the company aims to set up an in-house system which will help them explore, innovate and deliver better service to its clients.

“One of the most important yet difficult things to achieve in the packaging industry is consistency. You may innovate and create something unique, but you need skills to recreate and cater to the demand in time. And the baby steps will lead to such consistency,” Dubey said.

Karan Talwar of Esko said “We are happy to share that we have done a good business deal with Calprin, who has been our client for almost a decade now.” Rahul Dwivedi from Macdermid mentioned that LAVA thermal plate processing is a game changer for converters who can get high quality, consistent & sustainable plates on press within half an hour. Calprin Ads plans to grow their business multifold with this new investment and raise further heights in terms of quality & innovative packaging for their customers.