Pamex 2023: HP Indigo 7K live at Redington, 6K virtual at TechNova

In collaboration with Redington the stand was abuzz with visitors flocking to the HP Indigo 7K press and an array of print samples it had on showcase. On the other hand, one could see TechNova making presentations and virtual tour of TOUCH centre to a bunch of visitors on a regular basis, sharing the benefit of the press. Connecting live with its new TOUCH centre in Navi Mumbai is an interesting hand-on experience for labels and packaging knowledge seekers from print industry.

30 Mar 2023 | By Noel D'Cunha

(l-r) A Appadurai, Prasad Date, and Naipal Singh of HP Indigo

In terms of technology, the HP Indigo 7K is built on the flagship platform HP Indigo 7000 series.

A Appadurai, country business manager for Indigo and inkjet business solutions at HP, who said, his company has cloned itself for commercial, and label and packaging business, explained, “The 7000 series presses were a solid platform, which was launched in 2008. We already have close to 60 machines of this model in India. Over the period, we've made tremendous improvements to the 7000 series technology. However, with every change in the product model, we have upgraded the press at our customer’s site, with a minuscule cost – 2% to 3% most of the time.”

Generally, all digital printing presses have a shelf life of seven years or so, but Appadurai said, with HP, it's different. “Imagine somebody who bought the HP Indigo 3500 press in 2009 can now upgrade it to the 7K model, and have the latest and best at a fraction of the cost. We call it reverse engineering, making our presses backwards compatible”

The HP Indigo 7K on the Redington India stand has two photo specialities inks, vivid pink and vivid green, which changes the gamut for photo printing. “In addition, we also have silver as ink, which we believe will be a game changer,” said Appadurai.

Explaining how it is a game-changer, Appadurai said, “Look at the foil wastage we are saving. Plus, silver (metallic ink) is delivered all at once, without moving the print from one process to another. It’s a big difference.”

The other highlight of the press is the white ink, which allows printing high-value applications. “It adds new highlights to existing designs on a diverse range of media including coloured, metallic and transparent substrates,” said Appadurai, citing an example of how an artist can produce smaller prints of his more expensive portrait at an affordable cost, making it accessible for a large number of buyers. It means more revenues for the artist.”

Appadurai concluded by saying, with the HP Indigo 7K, we provide customers with infinite possibilities.