Pamex 2023: Award Offset Printers & Packaging picks up corrugation kit from Ample

On the first day of Pamex, being held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre from 27 to 30 March, Delhi-based Ample Graphics announced the sale of its corrugation machine to Silvassa-based Award Offset Printers & Packaging.

27 Mar 2023 | By Disha Chakraborty

Team Ample Graphics while closing the deal with team Award Offset Printers & Packaging

The B-flute corrugation machine is the 10th machine within the last decade that Award has purchased from Ample. Machines with features like lamination, delamination, foil stamping, two-seven ply and various flutes have been a part of Award’s factory.

Installation of the B-flute corrugation machine is expected to take place by the end of May 2023 at its Silvassa plant.

Nitin Shah of  Award Offset Printers & Packaging told PrintWeek, “In this journey of almost 10 years with Ample, we have received valuable suggestions from the company. There have been times when the issue was resolved as quickly as six hours. It is the technical knowledge, support and service and not to mention, the innovation and revamps with respect to technology and features, that has made us believe in Ample.”

Rajeev Jagga & Sachin Kala, managing partners, Ample, said, “Awards is one of our initial partners who helped us establish the Ample brand. We are happy to announce our 10th deal with the company. There is more to come. Consistency of our offerings and after-sales service brought the togetherness a long way.”

At the show, Ample exhibited two of its in-demand machines for lamination and corrugation.