Pamex 2020: Valco highlights EcoStitch All-Electric system

Bengaluru-based adhesive dispensing system specialist, Valco Melton highlighted its EcoStitch All-Electric hotmelt glueing system at Pamex 2020 held in Mumbai.

09 Jan 2020 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

(Third from right) Kiran: EcoStitch All-Electric helps in saving over 70% of adhesives

According Ravi Kiran, director at Valco Melton India Engineering, Ecostitch All-Electric cane be regarded as an upgraded version of its EcoStitch kit that used pneumatic guns for dispensing the adhesive. 

Speaking to PrintWeek about the benefits of an electric gun, he said, “The most frequent downtime on packaging lines involves changing failed pneumatic glue modules, plugged nozzles, and solenoids. Switching to electric guns eliminates the need for gun solenoids and modules that can be soiled and worn with a dirty, wet, and sometimes inconsistent air supply. By using electric guns, the lifespan of a valve module can be more than two billion cycles, depending on adhesive.”

The company has catered to 600 customers and has more than 1,000 installations.“We just completed a decade of operations in the country and our customers are overwhelmed by the way our machines have been performing in the country.”

EcoStitch All-Electric can run at a speed of more than 500 metres/minute. Kiran said that top brands such as ITC, Heinz, and Dabur have already tested and procured the machine.

He added, “EcoStitch All-Electric is suitable for high-speed lines and fast cycle rates. It easily reaches 3,000 cycles per minute and has a life cycle time of 300,000,000 cycles. More importantly, it reduces the adhesive usage by more than 70%, which ensures an instant ROI.”

Further, Kiran highlighted Valco’s ClearVision camera inspection systems. He said, “With our inspection system we can have a complete control over the manufacturing process, whether is the glue, folds, barcodes, colours, print registration, or even Braille checks. In addition, we have also developed a thermal inspection system for adhesives.”

He also shed light on the Bengaluru-based company’s end-of-line packaging business, and claimed that it is a market leader in products such as tapes. “Tamper-evidence is a mandatory requirement in the pharma industry. And since our EcoStitch All-Electric machine is so accurate that it won’t deviate its dispensing even by one mm, the machine entirely fits the pharma requirements.”

In addition, the Valco Melton stall at Pamex highlighted the D10 series gear pump hot melt units, along with the D4-E and D16 systems.

“Our solutions and technology upgrades have enabled us to cater to the market requirements for the next decade,” he concluded.

EcoStitch All-Electric

  • Tech specs
  • Valve width-22 mm 
  • Valve height-155 mm
  • Fluid pressure-70 bar
  • Lifecycle-Two billion cycles
  • Maximum cycle rate-15,000 cycles per min for short durations