Pamex 2020: Nippon Color confirms six orders for Insun

Mumbai-based Nippon Color has confirmed six orders for its Insun CTP machines in two days during the Pamex show held in Mumbai. The company has added five new brands to its existing portfolio this year.

10 Jan 2020 | By Aultrin Vijay

(L) Akshat Pardiwala, CEO at Nippon Color

Akshat Pardiwala, CEO at Nippon Color, was upbeat about the deals signed at the show. “We have received one order for the 128-diode Insun UV CTCP machine from Mumbai, and another three orders for 96-diode Insun thermal CTP machines from Maharashtra and Kolkata."

He added that the printers who buy machines from Nippon Color will get the Marathon CTCP plates and T830HS thermal CTP plates, one of their hot selling products, at a lower price for the entire lifecycle of the machine.

Speaking about the machines, Pardiwala said, “We're able to provide the high speed machines at a competitive price."

He also said that Nippon Color is expecting to get more orders on the third and fourth day of the exhibition.

The company had recently added five new brands to its portfolio. Speaking about the new tie-ups, Pardiwala said, “Earlier, we were considered to be a CTP company. Now, we have included several new products to our portfolio.

One of the latest brands that Nippon Color has in its offering is Insun. The company has installed its first Insun thermal CTP at Mumbai-based Prepking Process. “Insun is a new brand and the company is looking for a market share in India. So they are offering a special price for the first 10 units as a launch offer,” Pardiwala said.

Valloy is another brand the company is introducing to the Indian market. “Valloy is a roll-to-roll digital label press. We’ve introduced this machine this month and we’re getting good response.”